“How to Advocate for Mental Health Research”

Dr. Conrod participated in a panel organized by the Society for Neuroscience titled, “How to Advocate for Mental Health Research” alongside Joshua Gordon, MD, PhD, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Maria Oquendo, MD, PhDPsychiatrist-in-Chief at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and past president of the American Psychiatric Association,  Pat Kobor, MA, deputy chief for Scientific Affairs in the Advocacy Office of the American Psychological Association (APA) , and Lori McMahon, PhD, vice president for research at Medical University of South Carolina, to share their views on mental health research advocacy. The panel addressed the current need for foundational research on mental health, and their different approaches to advocating for increased public awareness and funding, while striving to reverse stigma and distrust between the media, the scientific community, and public. Its aim was to present ways the media and the neuroscience community can work together to advocate for continued foundational mental health research.  Patricia Conrod, PhD, clinical psychologist and professor of psychiatry and addiction at University of Montreal 

(Dr. Conrod’s presentation starts at the 24 minute mark.)

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